Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hospital admission number.............oh, who am I kidding??

As if I could actually count how many times she's been admitted - right!

So, we're here again.  It all started with a "simple" cold last week.  Colds, as I've said a million times before, are not so simple for M.  There is a reason I am the Clorox Queen, Germ-a-phobe, Purell Nazi - whatever term of endearment you wish to bestow upon me.  Illnesses, no matter how insignificant or minor they may seem to the average individual wreck havoc on M's system.  You see, getting sick isn't "good for her" contrary the the advise of so many well-meaning (non-doctor) types that like to give me advice.  I took her to see her pedi on Saturday who promptly started her on an antibiotic to hopefully ward off the secondary bacterial pneumonia that always seems to join her following a cold.  I should mention that this is her first illness of the very long Wisconsin winter, so we HAVE done quite well.  Unfortunately, she had already started into this very unpleasant gag-vomit cycle which continued through the weekend.  That quickly lead to increased issues with her already compromised bowels which may have lead to issues with her distal shunt catheter which may have lead to a complete, multiple shunt malfunction.  Further testing today will hopefully tell the whole story.  All we know for now is that she is miserable, her brain MRI looks awful, her abdomen is distended, her xray looks crappy (pardon the pun) and we could be looking at surgery. 

Stay tuned.............................................................

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Miracles Happen said...

Oh man. I sure hope it doesn't turn into the worst of the worst. Huge hugs!