Friday, March 25, 2011


Marissa's Evening Meds
It's funny, when we talk about our pending Ethiopian adoption and are questioned about B & H with regard to their health status, the one thing that always seems to come up is medication.  For some reason, people cannot fathom giving a child routine medication twice a day. True, maybe it takes some planning and some discipline, but honestly, it is the furthest thing from our minds.  Medication is something we're pretty used to and pretty darn good at around here.  Esen and Marissa both take an Omega 3 supplement at breakfast and a Multivitamin at supper.  In addition, Marissa takes a full round of medications in the morning, another full round in the evening and one extra medication at noon.  It is important that her doses be given at the same time (give or take an hour) each day so sometimes we need to draw up doses and pack meds up if we're going to be out and about, but it's really not that big of a deal.  We need to keep an eye on quantities, expiration and refill dates.  One med is shipped from a specialty pharmacy, one is compounded locally and needs extra time to be prepared.  There is planning involved, but it becomes second nature.  When B & H arrive home, their medication schedules will be hung on the inside of the cupboard and we'll work them into the schedule, too.  So, no medicating two more children twice a day doesn't really doesn't concern me a bit.


Jessi said...

Wow. That's a whole lot of meds! You are supermom!

janiece said...

Shoot! Chewie brings us his pill bottle and tells us its time to take his medicine. I think its just all about routine and structure.